At Peak, we understand that transitions or acquisitions can be a trying experience. We endeavor to minimize the stress by properly assessing the property; it’s positioning, and its staff.
Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Takeover Checklist

    Positioning of Hotel
    Product Quality with Capital Budget Preparation
    Organizational Chart Analysis
    Lease and Agreement File Review
    Sales and Marketing Booking and Pace Review
    Implementation of AMHA Accounting Principles
    Quality Assurance Review and Follow Up (chain affiliated hotels)
    Comment Card and Post Event Survey Analysis and Follow Up (independent hotels)
    Line Item Operating Budget preparation
    Cash Flow Projections
    Sales and Marketing Action Plan

  • Accounting & Administration

    Accounts Payable preparation and distribution
    Accounts Receivable oversight
    Daily Revenue and Labor Report preparation and distribution
    Monthly Operating Statement Preparation and distribution
    Balance Sheet Preparation and distribution
    Cash Flow Reports
    Month End Manager’s Reports
    Property Tax Evaluation and Reduction Assistance
    Property Insurance Needs Analysis and Procurement
    Salary and Benefits positioning and implementation

  • Sales & Marketing

    Market Tract Analysis
    Demand Generator Analysis
    Guest Room Rates Analysis and Conversion
    ADS Revenue Management
    Sales Strategy by segment
    Month End Booking Reports
    Month End Pace Reports
    Sales Personnel Incentive Plan Initiatives
    Advertising Strategy Implementation